kaleidoscope :: #365patterns

tbennett-kaleidoscope annnnnnd another geometric pattern. i've really enjoyed practicing my geometric patterns and getting them to repeat correctly. and i love the purpley color in here although i am not a fan of purple.  at all.  (although i must confess, i was the president of the purple lovers club when i was in 4th grade.  i put up a sign in the lobby of the apartment building where we lived which was full of medical school residents and funnily enough, nobody showed up for our first meeting.)

i have been working on some pattern collections in addition to my #365patterns and many times they are completely different from the patterns i'm presenting on this site and instagram. i plan on sending those collections to fabric manufacturers in the next couple months in hopes of securing a licensing contract. i'm so grateful for this daily pattern practice because it's expanding my skills and i'm trying things i wouldn't have tried. it's igniting a crazy pattern-making fire in my brain and i am bursting with ideas.

what's this #365patterns challenge all about? melanie burk and alma loveland issued a challenge to create a pattern a day and share on instagram. anyone can join. see more info here. to see the other patterns i've posted as part of this challenge, click here.

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