kids' atc swap

a couple weeks ago i placed an order with blick for maggie's birthday and for some reason i bought a couple packs of artist trading cards. i didn't really know why i was adding them to my cart, but something about the tiny little canvas aspect of it made me click that "add" button. and then a week or so later, somehow (can't remember now.  there was a lot of getting lost in the internet that day) i came across this ::

Kids’ ATC Swap 2011


i immediately signed maggie up. she will make and send 5 cards to the other kids in her group. i'm probably as excited as she is. well, that's not true.  she loves making art.  she loves giving art.  she loves getting mail.

for those who aren't familiar, an artist trading card is a 2.5" x 3.5" work of art that is made to be traded with other artists. you can use inks, pencils, crayons, paint, fabric, collage, along with other types of media.

The back of the card usually contains contact information and some details about the work. i can't wait to make some cute labels to stick on the back. i'll leave blanks for her to fill out.

it's not too late to sign up your little one (sorry, it's for kids only). registration open until april 4.