jack has been obsessed with LEGO since he won an enormous LEGO set in a raffle 4 years ago. for the last several christmases and birthdays and any other occasion where he gets gifts, he really only asks for lego things. he gets the lego magazine, he is a member of the lego club, he spends hours and hours on the lego website. and we just found out there is a lego store within an hour of our house!

so, all of that is background to explain how very much we love our jack.  i painted this picture for his birthday yesterday.  instead of painting the sides of the canvas, we each took a side and signed our name.   (works out perfectly that there are four of us not including jack).

the minifigures are us.  pretty much.

and, there was much debate in my head about the plural of lego.  we usually say legos in our house, but i've noticed on a lot of blogs that people say lego even when talking about them in plural form.  so i looked it up and in their company profile, LEGO says it is never to be used in the plural form.  so there you have it.  {i'm a total nerd, i know!}