lessons learned from creating a tiny piece of art every day for 100 days

lessons i learned from creating a tiny piece of art every day for 100 days as part of the #100daysproject.  i love daily creative projects

i recently took part in #the100dayproject started by elle luna.  since i'm a sucker for tiny daily projects and my friends emily and denise were doing it, it seemed like a good idea. 

i had big ideas of completing my art piece early in the day (like by 9am) so i wouldn't have it hanging over my head.  i think i probably completed my art piece early in the day only about 5 times.  so basically, i had 95 days of a weight hanging over my head.  

i am super happy i completed the project and so grateful that i didn't miss a single day even with travel and busy, exhausting days.  i now have probably 70 tiny art pieces that i really love and they make me really happy.  i strengthened my art and willpower muscles and gained confidence from proving i can complete a project.


but as with all daily creative projects, it was hard sometimes.  working on a 4x4 piece was more difficult than i expected.  it's hard to convey an entire idea in such a small space sometimes. also, not having a theme or some sort of restriction (like only using acrylics or only doing collage), really hampered me.  as i've said many times before, having too much room for thinking and decision making, can lead to the end of a habit.  

posting on instagram also added an element of difficulty.  since i put off the art until later in the day, the lighting was pretty terrible when it came time to take a photo.  and just the extra step of photographing, trying to fix the lighting with an iPhone app, opening IG and posting it with the proper hashtags seems like a hurdle that is just too high. i have a tendency to give up on things when they are too complicated.  i get exhausted from all the steps.  (that's why i don't cook.)

but even though it was really hard and i'm so effing happy that i'm finished, the benefits of doing a daily creative project make it worth all the hard moments.  

now i just have to decide what to do with those 100 canvases covering my art table.  hahaha..

i'd love to check out your project if you took part in the #the100dayproject !