light. leap.

last night she discovered that she could turn on her light by jumping. {she's been trying this for a couple months, but last night was the first time she actually did it}. so this morning she told us to watch her jump up to turn off her light. she tried at least 30 times, slamming her hands into the wall, completely out of breath. i was nervously watching every jump.  nervous that she would get hurt.  nervous that she wouldn't be able to turn off the light.  i suggested that she take a little break and try again later.  she breathlessly looked over at me with her hands balled up into little fists and said, "i just have to do it."   i totally understood. i knew that she could and would do it and i stood there willing her on. she tried over 20 more times, just flinging herself onto that wall. over and over and over. at one point she looked over at us and said, "i know i'm going to do it." we agreed.

and then she did.

tammie bennett2 Comments