lilla rogers' MATS bootcamp assignment #1 :: cuckoo clocks


when lilla announced she was offering make art that sells (MATS) assignment bootcamp, i knew i wanted to be a part of it.  i loved the assignments lilla gave us in MATS part A and B.  they are always on trend and somehow she gets people to turn in their best work.  

just as in MATS parts A and B, lilla gives a mini-assignment to get your ready for the main assignment.  i do like this way of creating, but more often than not the very first idea that pops into my head is the one i can't shake, no matter how many other sketches i do.  sometimes i just *know* what i want to create.  i still try to do 25-50 sketches to see what comes out of it.  

the second i read cuckoo clock, i knew i wanted to do a clock that had a girl whose legs acted as the weights.  i thought it would look so cool to have a clock on the wall with a girl with legs of different lengths.  my first sketch didn't have a clock anywhere, but as soon as i realized it, i knew it just had to go in her topknot!

lilla gave us a  color palette to work with so i tweaked it a little and used that.  i tend to use the same 5-7 colors so it was fun for me to break out of that routine for a bit!

after a week of doodling and sketching our mini assignment, lilla gives us our main assignment. in this case, a cuckoo clock design for a phone case.  

i really didn't do too many revisions.  i knew what i wanted it to look like and i pretty much achieved it.

i hope you'll check out the gallery on lilla's site to see the other talented artists' takes on the assignment.