love yourself cross stitch

i've been working on this cross stitch for the last week or so.  and with every stitch i think the message has sunken in, because i feel quite happy.  and i must say, i am so pleased with how it turned out.

for the lovely cross stitch and embroidery freaks out there, the DMC colors used are as follows ::

dark cyclamen pink :: 3804

off white (actually called "very light brown") :: 3866

dark straw :: 3852

i was so happy with it, i decided to frame it and put it on my wall :: i have a goldish frame somewhere that would be perfect, but i can't find it now, and i needed some instant gratification.

*i had planned to make this pattern a free giveaway on this blog, but i made some changes after i had saved it in PDF form, so i am working on a new pattern to give to you for valentine's day.  check back next week for a sweet surprise!*