meditation resources and tips

meditation tips and resources from tammie bennett art and design

a few months ago, in lilla rogers' assignment bootcamp class, we were to create an editorial illustration for an article on meditation.  i was really busy at the time and had zero interest in meditation and thought it was something i had no patience for.  so i skipped that assignment.

fast forward to now, when i've been going through lots of inner soul searching and unblocking over the past couple months and i find myself meditating every day.  i SO look forward to that time each day and although it has only been a couple weeks, i can already see the positive effects it's having on me.  

i prefer to do guided meditations,  because i've found i'm not really capable yet of silencing my brain on my own.  

if you'd like to try meditation, here are a few resources that i've enjoyed using......and i've tried several over the past few weeks!

meditation studio app is nice, simple and clean.

calm app for iphone - we've purchased the yearly program that has tracks for  anxiety, confidence, energy, focus and many others.  they have guided programs from 2-30 minutes.  i just saw they have free meditation music on their website as well.  

headspace - super cute illustrations and animations for a great introduction to meditation.  take the free 10 day introduction to the basics of meditation before deciding to subscribe to their app.

and now a few tips i've discovered for more successful meditation ::

you might not want to listen to the calm app with your children before bed because the narrator says "relax your buttocks" and it will result in very un-calm peals of laughter.  

you might not want to listen to a meditation session on your headphones in the warm tub in case you sit upright abruptly and your phone falls into the water.  or in case you fall asleep and wake up frozen, wet and clammy.

you should probably meditate when your puppies are in a different room, seeing as how they can be quite distracting.  they seem to sense when you are putting energy into something other than them and will try to jump and play and climb on your lap until you remove the headphones.

in addition to morning and evening, a great time to meditate is right before your children come home from school and set off a whirlwind of activity, snacking, yelling, laughing, requests for homework help, etc.  

do you meditate?  have any resources you'd like to share?