mini energizers

i'm taking {and loving} the mondo beyondo course - "an online course to support you in manifesting your wildest, deepest and most outrageous dreams" our assignment for today was to make a list of the tiny little things that we can do to be instantly energized.  things that can bring peace or happiness to your soul and mind.

here's what i came up with in the allotted 5 minutes :: in case you can't read my handwriting, here is my list::

  • turn my face towards the sun
  • take a photo
  • run
  • turn music up loud and sing
  • chat with chris {best hubby in the world}
  • make something
  • put out fresh flowers
  • focus on my kids and their projects
  • clear some clutter
  • take a walk
  • write in my gratitude journal
  • post on my blog

what are some of yours?

tammie bennett1 Comment