motherhood monday :: overload

i was a little absent from this blog last week. and absent from my artwork. i was not absent from the couch.  although i am proud and thankful that i was not absent from my kids or husband. sometimes i load so many things onto my plate that i completely crumble and collapse underneath the weight of it all. i become almost paralyzed and i shut down. i have big goals and big dreams for myself and i've dived head first into learning everything i possibly can about how to accomplish those things. i want to show at surtex next year, i want to start licensing my artwork now. but i have to take a step back and realize i just started learning how to make art on the computer a mere 3 months ago. i have literally hundreds of small steps i need to take before i am ready, but i am impatient. i am a first-born child with high expectations of myself. i am my own worst critic. so i buckled last week. i sat on the couch for long stretches of time curled under a blanket with a scary amount of ice cream. i barely drew or made art. there were a few days where i didn't even turn on my computer (egads!). somehow i have climbed out of my funk today, but i'm not sure how. you guys have any advice for me? how to not get overwhelmed? how to get rid of some of that self imposed soul crushing pressure? let me know.

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