motherhood mondays

picture of mesometimes i feel like my kids are growing up so fast it leaves me breathless. in gretchen rubin's book she tells about how she sets up "dates" with each of her kids each month so they can have special one-on-one time. i thought it was an awesome idea. if you think about it, one-on-one time only 12 times a year isn't much. but to be honest, for our family it's probably more than they're getting right now. we have tons of quality time, don't get me wrong. but one-on-one? nope. i told the kids that each month i would take each one of them on a date. the way they freaked out with happiness made me really happy and really sad at the same time. sad because maybe they needed or wanted this more than i thought. i try so hard to be focused and attentive, but sometimes they just need a little more i think. maggie was first this month. she chose to go to a local art show. i didn't take any pictures because we weren't allowed. we had an awesome time. it was cool to see what she found compelling. she talked to several of the artists and got some ideas for her own artwork. i told her that someday she could have a booth at an art show. she named a few people who would buy her work. (she named her teachers who are so encouraging of her art and i am so grateful for that!) i brought a clipboard and some blank paper for her to sketch some things on the way home so she wouldn't forget. it was actually quite funny because she was silent while she drew in the backseat and then i heard her mutter, "well, that picture isn't going in my booth."  she caught me laughing.

and speaking of laughing.. i'm taking jack for his date tomorrow.  destination >> ikea.  win win.