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vinyl recordsmy husband teaches and coaches high schoolers and i coach middle schoolers. we are both amazed at how little they know about pop culture prior to the year 2000. if the movie, music or book was created in a year that began with a "19", they don't know about it. although i must admit one boy did tell my husband that "it's so cool that you got to live through the grunge era."  (reminds me of when my 6 year old was looking at our DVD collection and said "ooooh, it was made in 2000, that's why it looks so old fashioned")

my own father didn't do too many things in the good category, but one of them was teaching me about music. i remember us going on long rides listening to the radio and him telling me the story behind the songs that came on. he had been a DJ before i was born and he knew the artist of almost every song that came on the radio.

i realized the other day that i've been getting lazy with music in the car.   my kids only want to listen to whatever is on the "top 40" type station and that's fine, as long as they get some knowledge about the music that came before. my husband has sirius, so when they ride with him they get all kinds of education!

i've decided to give them music history lessons of my own.  the other night i sat them down before bed and played them 2 songs and printed out the lyrics (although i must admit, i am drawn in to songs based on the melody, bass and beat, but hardly ever by the lyrics).  i wanted the songs  to be fun, and ones they had never heard.  (they've had their share of the beatles and  pearl jam already.)  i think i'll do it on a weekly basis.  it was a hit!

so what did i play for them? girls just want to have fun :: cyndi lauper 

pop goes the world :: men without hats  (we just heard this on a commercial in the last day or so, and they all recognized the song and were quick to yell it out!  that was the intention for this project - for them to be knowledgeable about "old fashioned music")

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