my 2012 list

2012 confettii know a lot of people don't like to make new year's resolutions because they think it's a recipe for failure. but i love any excuse to make a list, and i love the chance to find things to work on. i don't go into the new year thinking of my list as an end-all, be-all, do-it-or-fail kind of thing. i make a list of things i'd like to work on, and i have fun going for it. i also throw in a few life-list type things for fun. at the end of the year, if i haven't accomplished any of the things on my list, who cares? at least i had fun working on it. who can complain about trying to make themselves a little bit better, even if only for a short while? here are some of the items on my personal 2012 list...

my journey to become an artist / illustrator / surface pattern designer ::

daily life  ::

  • document the books i read
  • get a regular babysitter for the kids during the summer
  • have a date night with chris every month
  • bake something new each month
  • take and post on the blog a self portrait each month
  • send a thank you note within 7 days of the kindness
  • see 5 new-to-me movies on the AFI top 100 films list
  • take better photos and learn photoshop

fun life-list type stuff  ::

  • teach myself to play a song on the piano [i'm thinking coldplay's the scientist]
  • paddleboard
  • XC ski
  • go to the roller derby
  • see a shooting star
  • run a half marathon race
  • take flora bowley's class

i'll be back with our family list tomorrow.  what are some things you will be working on in this new year?


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