my 2013 review


i've seen a few other end of year reviews on other blogs and wasn't sure if i was going to do one.  although i did feel grateful for the year,  i didn't feel like i did anything particularly impressive.

but then i sat down and made a list of some of the things i did this year.  and i am even more grateful.  and i am proud. 

  • i didn't feel very healthy or active this year compared to other years, but i did run 2 half marathons.
  • i raised almost $4000 for leukemia + lymphoma society in honor of my uncle and grandmother.
  • we had our biggest camp ever, safe and successful and fun
  • i had the best vacation ever with my kids in oregon - and would consider it my best week of parenting ever
  • i took part in and gave tremendous effort to lilla's MATS A and B and learned SO much in the process.
  • i decided to take the plunge and signed up for SURTEX
  • i wrote in my journal every single day, never missing, and always including notes of gratitude
  • i sketched in my sketchbook every single day, never missing.
  • i made almost 400 repeat patterns and had so much fun.  (some of these are totally cruddy, but that's not the point)
  • i did at least 10 pushups every single day without missing
  • i did at least 1 minute of plank every single day without missing.
  • i ran at least 2 miles a day, 76 days in a row without missing at the beginning of the year. 
  • i became head coach of our middle school cross country team and we had an amazing season!

there are a lot of other accomplishments, events,  and other family things that i am proud of from 2013, and some very sad moments too.  but for the purposes of this blog, i am choosing to celebrate few of the things that i worked really hard to achieve. 

i've had a lot of people ask me about my daily habits and i will be writing a post about that next monday if you are interested.