my 365 project for 2014 :: #365tinythanks


i really enjoyed doing daily projects in 2013 but wanted to do something a little different for 2014.  i had several ideas, but i kept coming back to something simple but powerful to me. 

#365tinythanks is my daily project for 2014.  i will do a tiny sketch each day of something tiny i am thankful for.  i am a huge believer in spending time each day focusing on what we are grateful for.  naming things we are thankful for is part of our family's bedtime routine.  i've been having so much fun already and i think this is going to be a really fulfilling project.

i'm choosing to focus on tiny things that bring me a glimpse of joy.  i already spend a lot of time each day focusing on my gratitude for the bigger things like our family's health, safety, and happiness.  this project will help me focus on the things that may otherwise be overlooked.  it's part of the intention behind my word of the year, to be completely present in the moments of my life.  

i have been posting on instagram (@tammiecbennett) so feel free to follow me.  posting on instagram is so much easier than posting here on the blog and therefore will be easier for me to sustain. 

do you have a way of focusing or documenting your gratitude?


i have a second daily project for this year.  i am going to eat a big handful of greens each day.  some of you healthy people may be laughing at me.  but for me, this is going to be a little tricky.  i only like a few green veggies.  like 3 or 4.  (i like almost every fruit on this continent. but veggies? nope.)  i'm the kind of picky eater that literally can not make myself eat something i don't like.  it just doesn't happen.  but i am determined to cut out some sugar and put some green in. 

i'm thinking i may be able to sneak some greens in if they are masked by fruit in smoothies, so please let me know if you have any good green smoothie recipes.