my 5 desired feelings and word of the year for 2013

there's lots of talk in the blogosphere about choosing a word of the year. i've done it for the last few years.  the past 3 years my words have been "do", "habit", and "prolific".  they've all made me feel guilty or overwhelmed. i've been mulling over my word for 2013 for the last few weeks. i took a different approach this year, inspired by danielle laporte. i'm choosing a few things i want to feel and i'm going to let those words influence my decision making in 2013. i'll be setting monthly goals (stealing this idea from elise who is one of the most inspiring goal-setters – and goal accomplishers – i "know").  as i sit down to draft my goals for each month, you better believe i'll be keeping these 5 feelings close at hand to make sure i stay the course.

on two separate occasions, about 3 weeks apart, i brainstormed for 3 minutes and wrote down everything i wanted to feel in 2013. every single word that popped in to my head during those 3 minutes got put down on paper. it's pretty amazing how identical my 2 lists were to each other. i took it as a sign that i really wanted to feel those things in the year ahead. i read my two lists aloud to my husband and asked him to pick 3 feelings that would encompass all the words i had written. i wanted to streamline my words into 3 main words to focus on. he came up with 3 and then i came up with 3. our lists were pretty close to being the same. i mulled these words over for a week or two. on our long drive from NC to NJ over the holidays, i used a dictionary and a thesaurus to flesh out what the words on my list really mean to the world and to me. i read the lists aloud again to my husband and we basically came up with the same words. but i decided i really needed 5 instead of 3. so here they are. i really feel good about this list and about the year ahead.

i want to feel confident in 2013 i want to feel confident this year. i want to trust myself more. in 2012 i found myself taking a lot of online classes and in most of them, i already knew almost everything they taught. confidence to me also includes feeling connected and connecting with other artists and designers.

i want to feel prosperous in 2013i'm not going to be shy about wanting to feel prosperous. it's okay to want to be successful and it's okay to want to be rewarded for my hard work. i want to bloom and thrive and collect my bounty. and i'm certainly not only talking about finances here.

i want to feel healthy in 2013i'm literally in the worst shape of my life. this is going to change. i want to be energetic, strong, fit and athletic. i also want my soul to feel healthy. i will live as always with gratitude. i will work on being more patient.

i want to feel clarity in 2013i tend to get overwhelmed by clutter (physical and mental). i want to change that this year. i'll be working hard to get rid of the excess and feelings of wastefulness. i am going to actively pinpoint my goals and seek the clean and simple path.

i want to feel productive in 2013i want to get sh*t done. i want to be efficient, creative, artistic and prolific. i want to do lots of rewarding work.

take all those feelings and my word for this year is CLARITY.  it came to me about a month ago and i'm hearing it everywhere.  i can't ignore it.  i'm welcoming it.  clarity, i'm holding your hand and together we can beat that overwhelm that so often comes to visit me.

here's to 2013.

do you have goals for the year?  a word of the year?  i'd love to hear them.