my artist journey :: new adventures in mixed media

i've never really been interested in collage because all the collage and mixed media pieces i had seen (apart from cut up sassy magazines when i was in high school), were dark and distressed/vintagey and not really my style. oh, and i can't forget lisa congdon's awesome mixed media work, but hers seems out of my league. and i also have never really collected ephemera and other things i can use in mixed media pieces. then i came across sarah ahearn bellemare's work and it was like this whole other universe opened up. collage that is fresh, bright, colorful and happy! i found out she is teaching a course for squam online and i signed up about 2 seconds after that. goodie bag for painted pages course

look what she sent in the mail to registered participants!!   numbered packets of awesomeness. the enclosed note says not to open the envelopes until we get to that particular week in the course, but it's going to be so hard for me not to peek!

over the last week or two i've been collecting all kinds of things to use in my pieces.  i simply can not wait for class to begin!

**thank you to katrina at pugly pixel for the cute vintage label i used in the photo above. i recently took the blogging your way 2.0 class and she was a surprise teacher. katrina gave us some awesome photoshop tutorials and a little packet of digital goodies!**