my business manifesto / mission statement

ever since i stated i am going to keep it real and have fun and not worry about if people like or approve of what i'm creating, my brain has been exploding with ideas of products i want to create, classes i want to teach, projects i want to work on, books i want to write, newsletters i want to send.    

you can see evidence of this internal brain explosion by the pages and pages (and pages!) of sketches, doodles and scribbles covering at least half the surfaces in my home right now.  it's a direct, if incomplete, representation of the chaos in my head. 

truthfully, i have been feeling overwhelmed a bit by it all.  not knowing which project to focus on first.  wanting to make them ALL.  facing the fear of putting out products that some people might not understand. or appreciate. 

i was sitting in my car waiting for my kids when i opened an email that helped me out.  it mentioned creating a business manifesto or mission statement to help guide decision making. the thought being that if you use it as a guiding light, you’ll make the right decisions. 

i had just done a personal manifesto recently, and i just ordered new business cards on which i wrote some deep-seated beliefs (hint: a synthesizer is one of them), so it seems like the idea of writing a business manifesto should have come into my brain on its own.  but being that my brain has been packed with ideas on what to create, apparently it has had no room to figure out a manifesto.

so i took out my sketchpad and a pen and spent under three minutes writing down the very most important things to me and my business.  turns out they were right there on the top of my head just waiting to be spilled out onto paper.  after the excision, i reread my list and i knew it was perfect for me.  and my business. 

here's my business manifesto / mission statement:

tammie bennett art business manifesto mission statement

i didn't edit it or clean it up.  this is the raw, real version.  fittingly. 

i have a few products coming in the next few months that literally make my tummy hurt with excitement and love and happiness.  they all totally go hand-in-hand with my mission statement. i can’t wait to show them to you.  hopefully you’ll like them even a fraction as much as i do.  (but if you don’t, i don’t give a poop, because i had a blast making them)

have you seen business mission statements i should check out?  does your business have one you want to share?