my creative block monster

tammie bennett's creative block monstera couple weeks ago i got into a sort of creative funk. i just couldn't make myself create anything. i started thinking about my creative block monster and wondering what it looks like.  i decided to draw it and i think i nailed it.  my creative block monster is shapeless and grey and dismal but just appealing enough to draw you in.

i also created a drawing of my interpretation of how to beat the creative block monster.  i'll show you that one later this week.  it's funny because after i drew this guy, i got overwhelmed with ideas, and the creative spirit came back full force.  i've been creating up a storm ever since!  i think it actually helped me to draw him because it made me realize how to defeat him!

if you have any art or photography that shows your interpretation of creative block, i'd love to see it - please share it in the comments!