my first collection and some links

tbennett-geocollection see that collection up there? i made it for the art and business of surface pattern design class i'm taking. (which is awesome by the way!) i put it all together except for the jewel pattern yesterday. and by "yesterday" i mean i started it in the evening when kids were eating desert and finished it a little before 1am. i remember looking at the clock at 9:30pm and thinking, "okay i'll just finish this one design, and then i'll go up by 10". as if!   i couldn't stop. i love it! maybe i was inspired because i had watched several videos about surtex :: a trade show for selling and licensing original art and design. i would love to show there in 2013. big goal. lofty goal. just the way i like 'em.

to my dear bloggy friends, i have missed you - i'll be around to visit your blogs today..  in the meantime, i have a few links of cool things going around on the web..

>>><<< if you love photos, instagram, and photo-a-day projects, check out fat mum slim's photo a day challenge for february. she did it last month, but i never got my act together to participate. you can join in late if you still want to do it. i'll be showing you weekly glimpses of my project, or you can follow me on instagram. my instagram name is tammiecb.

>>><<< one of my very very favorite parts of alt was seeing ben silbermann (founder of pinterest) give his keynote speech. and now, YOU can see it too. check it out here. like, right now. i'll wait.

>>><<< and speaking of alt, (just when you though my alt talk was over!) they now have online classes!

>>><<< have you seen this amazing collection of stormtrooper dad photos?! this is one of my favorites

have a happy day!