my inspiration notebook

inspiration journal i did another mega clean out of my studio in preparation for my june goals.  i filled a huge black trash bag full of paper to be recycled.  while i was ruthlessly cleaning out papers, i found a large folder of images torn from magazines, catalogs, notecards, etc.  i've been saving them for inspiration.  (there were some that i had NO idea why i had saved them.)

i decided there must be a better way to store these images.  yes, i use pinterest and store lots of online images there, but sometimes i like flipping through a tangible record of inspiring images. so i got out a 9x12 blank sketchbook, some of my favorite washi tapes, a few pretty pens, turned on some music (vintage sinead o'connor, and the pixies) and got to work.

i began taping images into the sketchbook and writing a quick note about what i loved about it - the texture, color, pattern, shapes, etc. i also felt inspired to sketch in the margins and the ideas for pattern designs started flowing like cray-zee. i got rid of a whole cluttery folder and now i have a super fun and totally colorful inspiration notebook.

tell me, how do you store your inspiration images?