my manifesto

ever been to the movie theater in the middle of the day?  you know when you come out of the theater and your face gets totally overwhelmed with all of the sunlight? if you’re like me, you feel a little sheepish because you had forgotten it was daytime and you had sort of forgotten how flipping’ bright that sky can be!  your senses get blown out trying to take in all that light.  

that’s what’s been happening to me.  i’ve mentioned before how i’ve had a few dark months.  and now i’m emerging from the dark.  i had forgotten just how good things can be.  i’d forgotten how bright it is in this world and now my senses are overloaded.  i want to do ALLLL the things.  i'm blinded by all the possibilities.  it's paralyzing to take them all in at once.  

so to get my bearings and help me find my way, i finally (finally!) sat down to create a manifesto.  i’ve been wanting to do this for a really long time.  i made one for the folks in the tiny daily habits class and it was so much fun.  but doing one for me personally was a harder task.  (funny how that works, right?)

so here it is. i basically put down on paper all the things that make me ME.  and all the things in me that i want to bring into the light. a few reminders when i'm losing my way.

tammie bennett's manifesto

i’ve seen tons of great typographic manifestos online and i really enjoyed lisa congdon’s doodler's manifesto.

have you created a personal manifesto?  if so, i'd love to see it!