my monthly goals :: february

  tammie bennett's monthly goals for february 2013 in 2013, i'll be choosing a few monthly goals to focus on, while making sure they tie in to how i want to feel this year. here are my goals for february.  see my january goals here.

  1. 2013-feelings-icon-clarity2013-feelings-icon-productive zero inbox. i want to go to bed each night with zero messages in my business email inbox. (not even going to attempt to do the same for my personal account.) omhg has a good post on how to do this. so does elise. and for the record, just putting emails into a "follow up" folder and then letting that folder build up doesn't count.
  2. 2013-feelings-icon-prosper2013-feelings-icon-productive2013-feelings-icon-confidentcontinue my sketch-a-day, journal-page-a-day and pattern-a-day streaks. i've only done 5 days of pattern-a-day so far, but i'm so psyched. i'm already bursting with pattern ideas just from doing it 5 days in a row. one day this week i designed part of a collection. i was on a roll! i really need to build my portfolio to achieve my goals of getting my work licensed and this will be a really fun way to do it. alma and melanie are doing a 365 patterns challenge and are inviting people to post along with them. i'm not sure i'll be posting. sometimes creating a design is challenge enough.  i've had so much fun doing my sketch a day and i look forward to doing another video in the near future.
  3. 2013-feelings-icon-healthy 2013-feelings-icon-confident continue my daily exercise and add a strength element. i've promised you a post about this and it will come. for now, keep in mind that i am taking baby steps, so i am just going to add 1 minute of a strength exercise to my daily routine. (i'm thinking wall squats or lunges with arm weights)
  4. 2013-feelings-icon-healthypaint more. i haven't painted as much as i'd like so far in 2013. my hands are literally getting twitchy!  i need it for my soul.

for more about what each of these feelings means to me, visit this link tammie's desired feelings key

what are your goals for february?  i'd love to know.