my newsletter subscribers rock! :: laura wooten

i love my newsletter readers.  i love sketching.  i love getting mail.  so what do you get when you combine those three?  in a word : FUN.  in lots of words : my newsletter subscribers have the option to get a free custom illustration from me.  they send me a word they'd like me to illustrate.  (♥ and sometimes they send paper goodies. ♥)  i draw my interpretation of the word  and send it back to them.  (maybe with a surprise goodie).  i love the connection this brings and i love the challenge of illustrating a word from someone else's mind. i love getting mail

i was so excited this week to get mail from laura wooten. not only because she included really cool (handmade?) papers and stamps, but because i've now discovered her amazing work.

people, she has an *amazing* collage project on her blog and you've gotta go check it out!  be sure to also check out her explanation of her project.

each week in 2012 she collected the sketches she had drawn and collaged them together onto a 12" x 12" panel. so, so cool. totally inspires me!

laura wooten's acrylic collage "preparing for winter"

i so, so love and so, so believe in one of her statements about the project :: "This project will explore what is achievable in tiny increments over time, by committing to small consistent actions and an attitude of openness to what is here now in the present." AH, i LOVE it.  i feel like that's my theme for this year (and beyond?)

laura asked me to illustrate "possibility". i had so much fun drawing it. i can't wait to show you, but i won't do so until she gets it. no spoilers here, people!

thank you laura, for the gorgeous papers and stamps, and for introducing me to your inspiring project!  i can't wait to see what's next!

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