my one little word :: 2014 edition

© tammie bennett  

© tammie bennett

it's that time again.  for the past few years, i've chosen a word of the year to help guide me. so much better and more flexible than a new year's resolution.  (thank you ali edwards for introducing me to this concept of choosing one little word)

somewhere around the end of november, i started thinking about what my word for 2014 would be.  my first thought was "finish" but i don't like the finality of that word, so i moved on to its synonyms.  "complete" jumped out at me right away.  it felt warm.  it felt right.


in 2014, i want to be completely in the moment.  trying hard not to multi-task.  paying attention completely when chris and the kids are telling me about their day at school.  paying complete attention to what i'm working on when i'm working on it.

i want to complete the projects i start.  i'll be showing at surtex, where the name of the game is follow up.  i want to complete every conversation i start with buyers, art directors, manufacturers.  even if that means we end the conversation with "let's touch base again in the future."  i want to get to a place where there are no loose ends. 

i want to feel complete.  i want to focus on and be grateful for what i have now.  i want to feel like i am enough.  right now. 

i want to be completely invested.  giving my complete effort.  all-in.  this means i must choose wisely when deciding what projects to take on and which ones to turn down.  i'm ready to weed some things out. i'm ready to let the good things have room to grow. 

complete.  i'm ready for you.

// before i could post this, i noticed elise has pretty much the same thoughts about her word for 2014.  you know what they say about great minds...//