my word of the year 2011 :: do.

the word do i like the idea of a word of the year. for me, it means a word that keeps you traveling on a certain path. when i get in a rut or get a little stuck, i can look inside and see this little sign hanging there and blinking gently, and i can keep going.

are you ready? here it is. my word for 2011 is "do".

there are some out there who say you should pick a word that isn't really a doing word, but more of a being word. i certainly picked the do-iest word of all, didn't i?

DO :: i tend to gather and gather lots of information and inspiration. i read books and blogs, i take photographs and spend hours on flickr and pinterest, i sketch, i pay attention to my surroundings, i tear out sheets from catalogs, books and magazines. and then i soak it all in and digest it. and then i think of all the reasons why i shouldn't start my project. and then i don't start it. or if i do start it, somewhere around the middle i stop. and then i get a little sad that i didn't do that project that was so brilliant in my head. or that i didn't finish that project that was going to make me so happy. and i am ready to stop that cycle. on the days when my head gets full of doubt, or procrastination, or fear, or fatigue, i'm going to remember my little blinking word. DO.