narwhal party :: #365patterns

tbennett-narwhal-party i started this pattern many months ago, but then promptly forgot about it. i keep a folder of works-in-progress on my computer. i was stumped when i sat down to create a pattern the other day, so i browsed through that works-in-progress folder and was super excited to see these narwhals waiting for me. i'm still not totally satisfied with the layout, but i may tweak with it in the future. for now i'm going to enjoy this narwhal party.

*i've been so inspired by this challenge that i am creating 2-4 patterns most days, so i have a nice buildup of patterns in my queue. i hardly ever post a pattern on the same day i actually created it.*

what's this #365patterns challenge all about? melanie burk and alma loveland issued a challenge to create a pattern a day and share on instagram. anyone can join. see more info here. to see the other patterns i've posted as part of this challenge, click here.

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