new work and trust


i have been creating a lot of work that i super-duper-get-giddy-about-LOVE.  but i've been so afraid to show it.  afraid that it might get copied.  afraid that it will be old news when i show it at surtex.  afraid manufacturers won't want to buy something that has been seen in the world already.  afraid that i won't be able to create anything better.  the not-so-great experiences of elizabeth olwen and ez paduwah come to mind. 

a few nights ago, i was telling my husband my thoughts and my fears about publishing my work prior to surtex.  he looked at me with this look of bewilderment and said," this doesn't sound like you at all. since when have you let your fear take over?"

i realized he was right.  i entered a design competition less than 2 months after learning illustrator®.  (i was a runner up.) i signed up for surtex this year (booth 651!).  i challenged myself to do a sketch a day and a pattern a day and i achieved it.  i asked several artists i respect to join a collective with me (they said yes.  more on that later).  and there are countless other times i've jumped in to something big, ignoring my fears.


i've decided to start showing more of my work.  as lilla rogers says, "how can people buy your work if they don't see it?" 

i've decided to trust my creative abilities.  even if a company doesn't want to buy my previously-published work, i will be able to create something new that they love. 

i've decided to trust that i haven't even begun to reach my potential.  i have years of better illustrations and designs to come. 

i've decided to take the risk of having my work stolen.  the number of opportunities that come my way from publishing my work will likely be higher than the number of people who see my work and want to copy it. 

i've decided to trust the universe.  i have to trust that if i put my work out there, it will be seen and appreciated and will lead to amazing things.

so i'll be showing more of my work around here... i hope you enjoy!

tammie bennett7 Comments