new work :: mixed media in my sketchbook

i'm totally loving sarah's mixed media class. our assignments this week were to work in our sketchbook. i tend not to do too much any coloring or gluing in my sketchbook so this has been freeing. (i usually sketch in only black so i can scan my images into my computer and edit them in illustrator or photoshop.) mixed media : lemonade summer this first one used the prompts sarah gave me :: "sunny yellow", "shady tree", "try a sketch", and "happy".

mixed media : great things this one just came from my head.

i have a {growing} list of ephemera, found paper, etc that i would like to add to my supplies :: paint chips, vintage ledger paper, chopsticks wrappers, maps, atlases, vintage children's picture dictionaries, vintage flash cards, paper doilies, and vintage handwriting exercises. if you have any of these lying around or know a good source for them, please let me know!