new work :: please vote for my designs in the printed bolt REPEAT competition

i made it to another round in the REPEAT competition by the printed bolt.  please vote for my designs before sunday night if you like them.  i was people's choice winner last time so thank you to all those that voted! our challenge this time was "up in the air" and we could create anything we wanted.

:: the following is cross posted at the printed bolt ::

the first thing that popped into my head when i read this “up in the air” challenge was a beautiful sunset i saw from a plane last december.  i was returning home after the first trip my husband and i took together without our kids.  i leaned over the poor guy trying sleep next to me and snapped this photo with my iphone ::

the picture doesn’t even begin to do justice to the gorgeous colors, but i will always remember that sky.  seeing that sunset was a great ending to a successful trip – the team my husband coaches won a national championship, and we survived being away from our kids for 5 days.  and they survived without us!  one of the first things i showed them when i returned was the picture of the sunset.  so i created sunset stripe for my main “up in the air” pattern.

tammie bennett repeat pattern sunset stripe

for the secondary design, earlier this month i took the kids to the beach and as i was lounging on the sand while they played on the water’s edge, i looked up an saw a bird. i knew that i had to incorporate that into a pattern for this challenge. i know birds – especially seagulls – may be cliche when thinking about things in the sky or up in the air, but this pattern represents that feeling i had on the beach. that feeling of happiness, freedom, and complete contentment. that’s what i wanted to capture in my scallop birds pattern.  the colors are ash, sun, and midnight.

tammie bennett repeat pattern scallop birds tammie bennett repeat pattern scallop birds tammie bennett repeat pattern scallop birds

i can’t wait to see the other designs for this challenge. i’m so grateful to still be in this competition and i really want to stick around longer!