oh, gold.....will you forgive me?

when i was in high school i decided that i only liked silver. i didn't like anything gold colored. i went through a stage where i wore silver rings on 8 of my fingers. i didn't want to wear any yellow gold jewelry, so my princess ring that was such a huge deal to me for my thirteenth birthday got stashed away in my jewelry box. i even had a boyfriend give me a yellow gold bracelet and i instantly knew he wasn't the one :: how could he not even know this simple thing about me?** my anti-gold stance was one of those taking-a-stand kind of things that we probably all go through in high school where we go all in 100% for or against something just for the stake of having an opinion....or was that just me? but over the last year or so a very funny thing has been happening. i'm starting to like gold.  i mean, look at what i've bought over the last couple weeks! ::

**incidentally when i was dating my now-husband in college and he gave me a platinum pendant for valentines day instead of a yellow gold, i knew he got me. and he still does. ♥ ♥