on blogging :: resources + inspiration

one of my goals for 2012 is to blog more regularly.  i've had a lot of friends ask me about blogging lately.  they ask why i do it, who reads it, what i blog about, and how to get started.

i personally blog because it helps me record my ideas, inspirations, and the moments of our lives.  it helps keep me accountable.  blogging helps me connect to like-minded people that may not live in my area.  hopefully it will bring some attention to my work this year as i start trying to sell my art. amy from pikaland has a great post about why artists and illustrators should blog.  you can read it here. i think it applies to anyone trying to get their work noticed, not just artists.

i've taken a couple classes on blogging and you should check them out if you are serious about starting to blog. i took them and they really are great for beginning bloggers. they can help you find your voice, learn to use great photos in your posts, find people to read your blog, and tips on what to write about.

if you want to make your blog look pretty, check these out ::

  • jo of august empress has a new blog design class called your darling blog. she demonstrates beautifully how to make great blog designs.  i was impressed with how much information she packed in.  and her blogs are so gorgeous!
  • momcomm's great DIY blog critique here.  it is basically a workbook to help you make your blog convey what you want it to convey.

if you are looking for the nuts and bolts of how to start a blog, check out these great links ::

feel free to list any other blogging sources you've used in the comments below.  and if you decide to start a blog, let me know so i can come check it out!