on writing and promoting

tammie bennett has things to say

i've been feeling a calling to write.  i used to write a lot.  i still write in my private journal every day, but i've been feeling the need to write publicly.  

i started feeling this need to speak my truth after reading glennon doyle melton's book.  #lifechanger #goreaditnow

on our cross country drive i tried to figure out how i wanted to share my voice.  in a book?  on this blog?  on a new blog? in a newsletter?

instead of writing here on this blog, i stepped away until i could find the best (for me) outlet for my voice.

i have found the place for sharing my voice.  at least for now.  instagram.  if you've been around me for awhile, you know how i love doing daily projects on instagram.  for the month of october, i combined inktober with posting my words.  i titled my project  #31daysofwerds.  as in "werd up".  i wrote things i needed to hear.  uplifting things.  admissions of being human.  i wrote messages that i hoped would help people in some way.  i wrote messages to help remind us that we are connected.  

i'll be transitioning the existing longer writing pieces on this blog to a new section entitled writing (or something like that).  i will not be posting new writing there very frequently because instagram is working really well for that right now.  )although they DO have a character limit for captions!  who knew?!  it's around 2200 characters).  because of that character limit, i will occasionally post longer essays under my new writing section.

i will be keeping a blog section on this site where i will mainly be posting updates about where to find (and buy) my art.  i have to promote myself somewhere and i feel this website is the logical place to do that.  

in the meantime, i'd love for you to connect with me on instagram.  my november project is titled "things i saw while running". #thingsisawWR.   i'll be illustrating objects i see while i'm out on my runs and i'll be telling my imagined version of how those objects got there.  it should be fun.  i'll get to really use my imagination in my writing and come up with simple illustrations to accompany those writings.  

i hope you'll continue to visit me here on this site and maybe instagram too.