one bite at a time

i think i hit rock bottom this weekend. oh don't get upset, now- i'm not a drinker. (well, unless you count that one crazy night each year...).this weekend, i hit rock bottom and got fed up with myself and our lack of a routine. our house is cluttered, we eat take-out entirely too many nights, we eat too much junk, we spend too much money on silly things, and we are always, always looking for things like socks or phones or toilet paper. and we have way too much stuff!

i happened to stop by soulemama's blog today and saw a link in her sidebar that read "one bite at a time - 52 projects for making life simpler.". oh. my. gosh. the best 5 dollars i have ever spent! tsh gives bite size chunks that can make a real difference in making our days less cluttered, better for our health (mental and physical), and better for the earth. chris and i are going to be tackling one at a time and once each tip becomes a part of our lives, we will move on to another. we are actually starting with two tips because to me they go hand in hand. we are going to establish morning and evening routines. i really need some routines and checklists and scheduling in my life right now. i know that sounds so type a, but i know when i'm more organized i have more space to soak up the kids and christopher, and i actually have more time and energy to do those things that are necessary.

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