one tiny thing can make a huge difference

how doing one tiny thing can make a huge difference in your day.  quote and illustration by tammie bennett

i find it amazing how one tiny thing can change your whole day.  

we moved into our house about 6 months ago and my new art space is dark, cluttered and messy.  so i don't enjoy going in there.  but today i put a new lightbulb in a lamp that had been sitting in my dark art room, unplugged.  i turned on the light and the room was SO much brighter!  i can't believe it took me months to do such a simple thing.  granted, the room is still cluttered and messy, but now i can actually stay in there for more than a few minutes to clean it up.  AND now i'm super excited to get a lot of work done.  tiny thing.  huge difference.  

another example :: i have a plant that i've kept alive for MONTHS which is totally crazy and unprecedented.  i've gotten really close to this plant, so when i noticed a few brown leaves i got a bit sad.  in fact, i got a little bit sad every time i looked at her.  so i cut off the dead leaves and put them in compost.  now my plant looks bright and shiny and happy and lighter and that makes me happy too!  tiny thing.  huge difference.

is there anything tiny you can do to make difference in your day today?