oregon recap

i'm back from oregon!  i had a great time and we all survived.  i'm going to do a quick recap so i can get busy on all the christmas stuff i'm way behind on... white lights on a tree

  • my husband's team won the national championship! the best high school boys cross country team in the nation. i'm so proud of them all because i've seen firsthand the past 4+ years of work they put in to get there. it was so inspiring to see these boys have a big dream, go after it, and achieve it!
  • after i shed a few tears in the airport on the first leg of the trip, i had a really great time. it was fun to be a woman without kids screaming in my ear, hanging on my legs, demanding my attention.  it reminded me that i am a person and not just a mom.
  • the kids survived just fine - only one black eye, a lost earring, 2 lost shoes, a lost library book and a hangnail.
  • my in-laws survived! they were still in one piece, smiling and their house was clean when i came back.
  • i got to squeeze in a wee bit of shopping at kinokuniya, powell's books, the nike employee store, and a vinyl record store of which i can't remember the name. i bought a few goodies for the kids and even a goodie or two for me and chris.
  • woke up to a grey cloudy sky, but it was so calming :: grey morning sky
  • meals with chris. it's so nice to eat a meal and have conversations without any interruptions ::
  • the best cross country race i have ever seen :: nxn
  • i wore some fun outfits and jewelry and felt great. why oh why didn't i get any pictures?! i did take a picture of me wearing earrings and sent it to the kids - the girls were so proud of me!
  • on the plane ride home, i saw the most beautiful sky i've ever seen. in my life. sunrise sky
  • i missed my kids enormous amounts, but the frequent texts, pictures, and phone calls really helped me see that they were having a blast. it was a party weekend for them.

i am so thankful that the weekend was a success, that we were all safe and healthy and happy, that the team won, and that the trip made us better as a family.