our tree...and letting go

i love christmas trees with stringed soft-white lights and candy colored ornaments in red, turquoise, pink and white.   sort of like a sugarplum shoppe.    that's been pretty much how we've decorated the tree for the last decade or so.   here's a picture of our tree this year ::christmas tree notice the multi-colored lights. ahem. somehow we misplaced an entire box of soft-white lights since last year. how does that even happen?

this weekend was the first weekend since june where chris hasn't had a practice or a meet, and we had tons of decoration plans.  saturday morning we woke up to a delicious breakfast (certainly not cooked by me. thank you chris.) and then we got the tree and told the kids we would decorate it after dinner. which was promptly when we realized that our box of lights had vanished. so we decided that i would go out and buy lights and put them on the tree while they slept and we would decorate first thing sunday morning. that suggestion was met by many tears and very disappointed kids. i went to FOUR (4!) stores only to discover that they had all sold completely out of lights. all kinds of lights. except orange, and there's not a chance that i will ever put orange lights on my tree.

at the fifth store i came upon some garish, huge white LED bulbs and some tiny multi-colored LED bulbs.  i stared at them with a sad frown and then remembered the poor littles at home waiting for christmas lights.  so i promptly snapped them all up and headed home.

we were woken up at 6:30 sunday morning to shouts of "let's put the lights on the tree - it's time to decorate!"  first i tried the big huge white LED bulbs, but the jitteriness of them would have certainly caused me to go into seizures after sitting by the tree for more than 30 minutes.  i let go of my we're-only-ever-going-to-have-white-lights-on-the-tree hangup, and strung up the "rainbow" lights.  the rainbow tree was met with squeals of delight.  "look it's rainbow!"  followed by "look at the ceiling!!" ::

LED lights reflection oh, yes. look at that. that screams christmas.  and speaking of screaming, if you are unlucky enough to look at one of those little LED lights straight in the eye, go get your pain meds, because you just got a screaming headache.  those things are blinding. each ornament we unwrapped was met with cries of joy and the rest of the tree decorating party was a success. and not a single ornament was broken - that's gotta be a record. the tree is quite different from my sugarplum version, but the kids love it, and therefore it makes me happy to look at. {as long as i don't look directly at those lights.}

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