painting through the ugly

tammie bennett's mixed media piece roller derbyi sat down to paint for a few hours last week and i started working on about 5 pieces.  (i always work on multiple pieces at one time because i like to paint on one piece while another one is drying.)  at one point every single one of my pieces was terrible.  i mean, super ugly.  i sat quietly for a moment while the demons talked loudly in my head.  "i'm not an artist."  "these are the ugliest pieces i've ever seen." "how will i ever have an art business?" "i want one more piece of that cadbury's chocolate bar"

after i let the monsters have their conversation for about 3 minutes, i picked up my very fave color, a light robin's egg blue, and i began to cover up some of the ugly. and right in front of my eyes, coolness started to appear. i began to paint in a frenzy, trying to finish all 5 pieces before the bus came to deliver my 3 babes back home to me. i fell in love with every single piece, and they feel the most ME of any work i've done to date.

so if you are out there struggling on whatever creative project you're working on.... don't give up.  maybe you can take a break and go get that piece of chocolate, but come back to your work and cover up the ugly.  i am so, so grateful that i did. edited to add :: i just read jessica swift's site today and she pretty much went through the same thing.