passion for pattern bloghop

Passion for Pattern BloghopIf you are on the Passion for Pattern bloghop today, you’ve probably just joined in from the wonderful blog of nicola griffiths. after you have read my post, please make sure to visit mel smith who has some great designs to show you. If you have only just found the hop, pop over to Claire’s blog where you can get started and join in the fun!”

i'll show you a couple patterns i've just finished up.  i can't seem to stop once i get started on an idea.  i've spotted a few fox when i've been running on the trails lately, so i had to make a pattern. and i love knee high socks. so put them together and this is what you get ::

repeat pattern : fox and sox


i sat down the other night and started working with my sketches of triangles and i popped out this collection which i've titled fiesta.  looks like a party, no? repeat pattern collection :: fiesta i can't seem to get enough arrows lately, and sometimes i have so many things going on, i can't tell which way is up....  ::


i hope you've enjoyed this little peek into my pattern world.  enjoy the rest of the blog hop!

*::* i have to include a thank you to rachael and beth, the founders of the art and business of surface pattern design e-course.  without it, i wouldn't have discovered this new found passion of mine. and i wouldn't be on this super fun blog hop full of patterny goodness. *::*