peek at my studio and decluttering tips

tammie bennett studio peek

tammie bennett studio peekso remember how one of my january goals was to do a massive cleanup of my studio? i'm halfway there. here's a peek at the clean half. you don't want to see the not-clean-half.  i promise. i will tell you that there were so many boxes and bags of stuff it was hard to walk into this room. literally and emotionally. if you have a cluttery space that you can't (or don't want to) walk into, here are a few tips on how to get it looking so pretty you smile and do a little dance every time you walk by. which is what happens to me when i walk by my studio now.

we'll start with 5 decluttering tips ::

  • pick a place to start. don't look around at all there is to do. just pick a spot and start there. i usually go to the entrance of the room. bend down and pick up the very first thing you see and immediately find a place for it. repeat.
  • have a mini goal. once i could walk into and around the room, i set a goal to complete a shelf that day or complete an entire wall of shelves. once i was done with that goal, i was done for the day.
  • set a timer. i almost got completely overwhelmed many times, but i had set a timer for 18 minutes. i made myself work really hard until that timer went off. then i'd take a break for another 18 minutes and come back to work again.
  • be ruthless. seriously, if you haven't looked at that magazine in the 6 years it's been sitting on your shelf? get rid of it. donate it to a library or nursing home.
  • remember, by getting rid of stuff you aren't using, you are making room for things you will use.  you are physically creating space in which creativity can breathe and grow.  keep reminding yourself of that when you get tired.

i'll give you more sneak peeks, a few more tips, and maybe a little tour once i've finished that other half.  i only have 7 days to do it!  ack!