planning for a fab 2015

tools for planning a great 2015, illustration by tammie bennett

i'm seeing planners, goal worksheets, e-courses all over the internet right now to help people plan for a great 2015.  i've gathered a few of my favorites here for you in case you haven't seen them.  

hopefully you won't do do what i've done in years past, printing hundreds of pages, joining all kinds of groups, buying planners, etc and then not using any of them.  maybe just pick one that you think will work best for you and then take the time to sit down, think it out, and write down some goals and plans.  

jessica swift's goal + intention planner :: i haven't bought this, but i LOVED her ebook (both versions), so that counts for something!

 leonie dawson's create your shining year *: i bought this a few years ago, actually did some of it, and it was super helpful

create as folk's cornerstone * :: a year of planning, intention and legacy building.  i signed up for this right away this year because i am a big fan of laura simms. 

do what you love's new year revolution :: a toolkit for making your 2015 amazing.  i used this last year, actually did a lot of it, and found it really helpful. and it's free!

mayi's life is messy bootcamp :: adorably illustrated planners and worksheets.  i have bought them, but i do love the illos!

kari chapin's year of focus 2015 :: you can purchase just the workbook or the  workbook + accountability group.

day designer by whitney english :: i used this in the last quarter of 2014 and it was really helpful!  i don't think they're available online until january though.

a beautiful mess planner :: i love pretty much everything these girls do, so i'm sure this planner is awesome.  you can see the inside photos here

i know there are others i am missing, but i'm starting to feel overwhelmed -haha.  but if you have others you use or want to try, let me know and i'll be sure to check them out.  

* denotes an affiliate link, meaning if you make a purchase using my link, i will get a little money.  i will use that money to buy art supplies or food for my children.