play. day.

picked applesi'm not the best when it comes to scheduling playdates for my kids. we are always on the go, especially in the afternoons and weekends which is playdate prime time. and don't even get me started about how i always think our house is too messy or not styled enough for having people over. but i'm determined to change my ways; to allow more playdates, to have a cleaner home, to do something about the lack of styling in our home. we started today. well, we had a playdate out of our very messy, unstyled house. we went to the pool where we found lots of frogs :: frog we went to a local orchard where we picked over 40 pounds of apples, nectarines and peaches. whoa! i'll have to remember not to give everyone their own bag to fill next time. but the fruit was so delicious i can't be too upset. it will all get eaten.  we're going to try our hands at an apple crisp tomorrow.

and we finished it all with a trip for ice cream.  we all had a great time, and it is so worth it to hear my jack say it was the best play date of his life.

we gotta do this more often!


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