5 podcasts i've been loving lately

listen up

years and years ago podcasts were going to be the big new thing.  my husband and his friend were going to start a podcast and we bought the equipment and a book on how to start a podcast.  and then we didn't do anything about it.

fast forward to now when so many people started listening to podcasts because of serial.  i know that's what reeled me in again. 

when i started training for a marathon (which i am no longer doing, but that's a story for another day), i found that listening to podcasts while i ran got me through hours of running.  i listened to podcasts on my drive from NJ to NC to visit my family.  i listened to podcasts on our cross country drive from NJ to portland.  and now i listen to them while i fold laundry or clean my studio.  strangely, i can't really listen to them while i'm creating art because i sort of get into the zone and don't pay attention to the words anymore.  but in short, i love podcasts.  

i thought you might be interested in some of the podcasts i've been enjoying.

+++  raise your hand. say yes.  i love tiffany han.  she sends amazing email newsletters that always say exactly what i need to hear.  and her podcasts are filled with gems of wisdom and great guests.

+++  happier with gretchen rubin.  gretchen and her sister and so cute and they have fun features in each podcast.  i always come away with a little life-improvement-action i want to try.

+++  first day back. a very interesting podcast about a mother who wants to return to work in a creative field.  i listened to the first few episodes of this in the car with my kids and it led to lots of great discussions.  we talked a lot about how moms like me need to have creative time each day and it helps us exist and helps us be better humans.  i haven't listened to all the episodes of this one yet, but i've really enjoyed it so far.  very thought provoking since i'm a mom and i'm a creative and i constantly need more time doing both. this is a linear story, so you should start at the beginning. 

+++ the one you feed. described a "a podcast that hosts inspiring conversations about creating a life worth living." i've only listened to a few episodes, but they were really good.  (i especially loved glennon doyle melton's episode)

+++ art for your ear.  by the jealous curator.  artists.  fun conversations.  inspiring tips.  speed round questions. yes.