renegade recap.

here is my renegade recap. well, it's really just telling you my fave booths and a wee bit of loot i came away with.  my sister and i  had so much fun and i was seriously impressed with the quality of work i saw in the booths!loot from renegade handmade brooklyn

  1. sweet scarf from jay mccarroll. he was totally sweet by the way. we talked about his upcoming fabric line and i'm very excited to see it. his booth was super busy every time we walked by.
  2. kelso doesn't dance :: super duper cute notebooks made from found papers and ephemera.
  3. jordan grace owens art and illustration :: loved her work, especially the paper dolls.
  4. giant dwarf :: oh, yes...i got a super sparkly star to wear in my hair. ★ ♥ ★
  5. we stumbled onto a flea market next door and i bought this little teeny "5" and a few other little things that didn't make it into this picture.
  6. kate thomas :: read my take on her here.
  7. we see stars :: she was so cute in her little preggie belly. i bought the little vintage arrow stud earrings. love.

have you ever been to renegade?  what did you love?

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