'round here *

tam's thoughtsyes, i know i look shiny and tired. because i am. shiny and tired. and i'm keeping it real.

i'm gonna give you a nice bullet point list to bring you up to speed, and then back to blogging regularly.  i've missed you guys so much!

  • we had a SAFE and successful running camp with 240 campers in the woods for almost a week. super fun. super exhausting.
  • fell off the wagon on my august break photo taking...and i'm totally okay with it.
  • had a really nice week in stone harbor with just the 5 of us. grateful.
  • we got a hamster.  my kids put together a proposal we just couldn't say no too.
  • i'm pumped to take mati's class.
  • i'm also pumped that the work/life 3 book is on its way to me.  and i'm in it!!
  • i'm still raising money for leukemia and lymphoma society in honor of my uncle randy and grandma jean who both left this world before i was ready to see them go.
  • i'm counting down the minutes until we get settled into our routine.  i'm craving a little order.
  • i fell in love with katie todd's music.
  • i can't wait to reconnect with some online friends (i'm looking at you muffin and laura!)
  • i signed a contract to exhibit at surtex 2014 !!!  hope you guys want to see some blog posts about my progress, cause i'm gonna show 'em!
  • i'm still doing my #365patterns project, but for now i'm not going to be showing and posting them.  i've decided to build a lot of them into collections that i'll be pitching to various companies, so i will keep them close to me for now.
  • i'm working on a monster list of dream jobs and companies i will be pitching to.  i'll keep you posted on that too.


*bonus points if you start singing the counting crows song in your head