see you soon cards

i'm taking illustrator 101 and i'm here to tell ya' it rocks. i was terrified because i had never used adobe illustrator for one second before taking the class, and i'm totally amazed at how much i've learned in less than 2 weeks. alma is an awesome teacher, breaking it down into really simple chunks. there is a lot of work for the class, which is a really good thing. cause there's only so much learning you can do by watching videos. you've gotta put in the hours of hands-on practice time. so here's part of my homework for this week.  a greeting card.see you soon greeting card i was going to make it a "miss you" card, but i thought that was too sad. i thought a "see you soon" card is so much happier. why don't people make these? what better way to show excitement about an upcoming get together. sort of like a save the date between friends or family. i think i'll have to make these... what do you think? would you send one if you had it?