september goals

monthly goals for september i like setting goals. i don't always meet them, but i like setting them. i like the way elise and vivianna set monthly goals. a much easier task than trying to even remember my goals for this year. i am looking forward to setting a routine for myself when the kids are in school. i want my mornings to be filled with physical activity, healthy eating, being prolific in my work, with  a wee bit of down time mixed in. when the kids get home from school i want to be present. i only get them a few hours a day during the school year and i want to make the most of every minute. i want to spend my evenings hanging out with chris instead of us both typing away at our computers.

i've decided give project life a try after mulling it over for, oh, seven months.  it's funny how non-impulsive i can be sometimes.  more about project life soon....

i've started using evernote and i love it, although i haven't even tapped the surface of what it can do.  if you like uppercase magazine, check out this cool video of janine vangool, editor and publisher of uppercase, and how she uses evernote to run her magazine.

you have any evernote tips for me?