theirs and mine :: patterns

dress and pattern there is a lot of talk out there in blog land about people copying other people's designs because the internet makes it so darn easy. but sometimes similar patterns, designs or art just happens. i opened my inbox today and the first thing i saw was an email from madewell with a supercute polka-dot dress (the one seen above). i kind of did a double take because the pattern looked super familiar. i made a very similar pattern for practice in my illustrator 101 class in december and uploaded it to my spoonflower account. i actually used the netting from a box of yummy clementines as my inspiration when making the design.

all of this is to say .... look how incredibly similar the patterns (and colors!) are, but neither one of us copied the other. i never saw that dress before today. and my design on spoonflower wasn't public until i made it so today.  (and of course they had this dress fabric loooong before last december).  sometimes, (but sadly probably not the majority), great minds just think alike... ;)

happy weekend..

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