sketch-a-day :: #4 :: chevron queen

as i shut the book to one of the kids' stories tonight, i noticed a really cool crown on the back cover. the pointy parts reminded me of chevrons, and i knew i wanted to incorporate a crown into today's illustration.

i haven't yet erased the pencil marks and i kind of like them.  i'm debating adding a little color.  i'm kind of liking the black and whiteness of it all.  we'll see.

on a different note, my favorite show on tv, so you think you can dance started again.  i cried on the second dance.  (for those of you just meeting me, i'm a dancer..... well, in my head, anyway.  in my head i do amazing, powerful contemporary routines.  in real life...not so much.  but watching dancers brings me to tears.  all the time.  someday i want to take a lesson with wade robson. and i want to finally go to the so you think you can dance concert.)