sneak peeks at my craft room

i feel a little bit like i'm flying.  wanna know why?  my craft room has been completely revamped.  it was very cleansing to move everything out and put it all back again.  i still have 2 grocery bags full of papers to organize and sort, but i'm not focusing on that.  i am going to start taking photos of the things i am going to let go of, soon to be listed in my little shop. here is one of my supply shelves :: i'm not 100% sold on white furniture, but this room actually gets quite dark despite the big lovely window, so i wanted some bits of white to brighten it up.  there is no overhead light, so that's on the list of future things.  i am so blessed and grateful that we don't need a formal living room in our house, because i get a whole room for me!!

you'll see more of the room soon.